Feb 1 stuff

I finished reading “The Man Who Was Thursday” by G. K. Chesterton. I enjoyed it quite a bit although the ending was over my head. It was similar to Kafka’s novels or the tv series “The Prisoner”. Sort of like Alice in Wonderland meets a old spy mystery. Like “The Prisoner” it got more symbolic and weird toward the end. It uses Christian symbolism and philosophy so I didn’t really get it. I still enjoyed it though.

Before that I read through all the public domain Conan and Solomon Kane stories by Robert E. Howard. Public Domain is fun. I’m reading Treasure Island now.

I got a a longer ruler, a t-square, and a bigger triangle to help me work on perspective and ruling out comic pages. I did a so-so job ruling out a 17 x 14 piece of paper and have been filling the panels with exercises from Vanishing Point. I messed up a few by placing my horizon line and vanishing points too high or far apart. I need to learn the right positioning for different camera positions and zooms. I got better at it as I went along. I’ll finish the 6 panels today or tomorrow.

Been doing more gestures. Still not that great at that.

There was sale on Manga Studio EX so I bought that too. I’ll have to really push myself to learn its interface. I’m looking forward to trying the 3 point perspective ruler it has. It would be nice if that could speed things up.

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