low color art

I worked with promotion today trying to find the easiest way replicate my painter sphere drawing. Tried out its airbrush tool with a wide gradient of colors in the palette. It looks ok. I don’t like dithering and the tool makes lots of bands. I’m not sure how to deal with that. I might ask in a forum later if I don’t figure it out.

I also looked up the keyboard shortcut for moving forward and backwards in the color palette. Its very useful if I’m not using the airbrush.

I also messed around with the brightness and multishade modes.

I have to learn how to use extended palettes if I’m going to use 256 colors. They don’t sound that hard but I don’t have the procedure or memory locations memorized yet. :|

With masking and layers I think I can do a version of the hi-fi coloring method in promotion. There is still a lot I have to work out to do it efficiently though. I’ve had a hard time using the promotion layers. Masks on the other hand are quite easy.

I’m planning on getting some comic book art books. Some of them sound like they have lineart so you can see some of the planning. I think it will be more useful then more art manuals and anatomy/reference books right now.

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a sphere

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I’m still mostly working on art. I bought the book HI-Fi Color for Comics. I’ve spent a while working with that. I don’t know enough anatomy to shade human forms that well though. I’ve also had a little trouble with my PC monitor. Its a TN panel which doesn’t actually display 24 bit color. gradients looks pretty off because of that. I’m thinking of buying a better monitor but they are very expensive and its a bit of a waste since the DS doesn’t display that many colors anyway.

I’m going to work on drawing with real charcoal for a while too. See how good I can get at shading and anatomy with that. Should get it down it a couple years :P

My plans suck. I don’t have enough time. :|

Third part of the AI example features more C++. If I convert that I’ll be converting parts of the std templates. Seems a little silly. I should probably just learn C++ at some point.

I didn’t really figure out anything interesting about async dma. I guess learning about TCM was useful in general.

I still want to work with 2d graphics so I haven’t started learning the ds’s 3d engine.

I haven’t been playing video games in general very much anymore.

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I’ve been working on art most of the time. Whenever I make something decent I’ll post it.

Programming Game AI by Example

I ported the first FSM miner example to the DS and from C++ to C. Latter probably isn’t impressive. The original source is above.

Second Example

I’m planning to keep putting up ports of the examples as I work through them.

Both Game Coding Complete and Programming Game AI by Example both use C++ and are mostly 3d examples. Probably obvious that it would be that way. I have a hard time getting excited about either.

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cache link

Cearn’s interesting discussion about ds cache and DMA

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art blog?


I’m learning Painter. Image is based on a public domain photograph. Face sucks but the rest is ok.

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Modified the stars example to graph a line. DS has more resolution then my graphic calculator.

I’m reading through the math refresher in Programming Game AI by Example.

I wonder how much AI the DS limited specifications can handle? I’m assuming they can be at least as good as the snes. Probably much better. Most of the ds strategy games I’ve played have good AI. They take longer then one frame to chose their movies though. I think the book is mostly about real time AI.

I don’t know much about AI. I did some simple coding for deer running away in NWN1. I messed around with the ambient AI in NWN also. Its very simple stuff. I did a little work with modifying basic AI for custom Boss behavior. For the most part I just let the built in AI do its thing.

I also messed around with ChipWits when I was a kid. I enjoyed watching the robot fail so it wasn’t that constructive. :)

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Computer Graphics Principles and Practice

This was one of the first books I bought years ago when I wanted to get into game programming. I’ve never finished it. Its pretty hardcore computer science.

I looked at it today and remembered getting it and not knowing what to do with it. I was going to glance at the shape drawing bits. I want to know how Chrono Trigger drew the circles and beams that grew and shrunk.

I use libraries mostly :|

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mecha qbert

I used to really like Qbert. I had a little windup toy of him when I was a kid.

I’m still working on art. Animation isn’t easy. Designing interesting things to walk isn’t easy. My designs are still pretty boring. I’m getting better at the art programs anyway.

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art journal


I made this in Colors! Its based on a photograph from the book New Zealand: A Natural History by tui De Roy & Mark Jones.

I bought it for pictures of landscapes but its mostly a book about plants and wildlife. It mostly has pictures of birds.

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